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Wellcare Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans give you more coverage and benefits than Original Medicare. Plus, with wide networks of doctors, specialists and hospitals, our PPO plans give you the freedom to choose the providers that work best for you. You don't even have to select a Primary Care Provider (PCP). And you don't need a referral to see a specialist. Because, at Wellcare, we believe your health should be between you and your doctors.

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When looking for an PPO plan, here are some Frequently Asked Questions and helpful answers to guide you.

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. A PPO is a network of preferred providers that includes doctors and specialists, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care services.

With a PPO plan, you do not need to pick a PCP.

There usually isn't a need to have a referral to see a specialist.

There usually isn't a need to have a referral to see a specialist.

Plan benefits vary by plan and market. Call us or shop our plans to learn what's available in your area.

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